I first visited Austin when I was much younger with my dad and friends to watch UT football games (Earl Campbell days!). I also remember buying my first 12-speed bicycle here at Freewheeling bike shop (which used to be on 24th St. near the UT campus). I loved it here and subsequently moved here in the early 80's to attend summer school at UT ( just two weeks after graduating from high school).

Austin has grown and changed dramatically since then. There are countless activities in Austin (also known as "Silicon Hills"). If you're visiting the area you may also want to check out the surrounding Hill Country. Below are just a few photos and videos of the many scenic locations in this beautiful, tech-savvy city.


Lake Travis…and The Oasis (left).
View from The Oasis on Lake Travis…(fun live music: here)
Colorado River…
Lake Austin (along the Colorado River)… a view from Mount Bonnell (Covert Park).
Pennybacker "360" bridge…

Barton Springs Pool…a cool place to swim (literally). The average annual water temperature is 68º! If you're in this area consider checking out Shady Grove, and Continental Club.