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Hello and Willkommen! ("Welcome" in German) 🇩🇪

Thanks for visiting my "starter WordPress website." My name is Andrew, and I live in scenic Austin with my amazing Canadian wife (a civil defense attorney). I’m a Front-end Developer (and also happen to be an immense Germany soccer fan)!

I've always enjoyed learning and "figuring out" new technologies (yes, I was the guy who actually took the time to read the product manual in order to truly understand and figure out how things actually worked or could be configured). That level of curiosity has helped me throughout my life.

Several years ago (not knowing anything about creating a responsive website, when I first started on this particular site), I eventually figured out how to launch it using WordPress. I had so much fun learning WordPress that I decided to dive deeper and learn more about how websites and open-source apps are actually built. This experience is what initially inspired me to make a career change.

One morning, several years ago, as I was learning more about WordPress and contemplating my "Why", I decided to go for it! I figured I love doing this, so I took the proverbial plunge to transition careers into web development. Since then, I have been continuously learning to improve my coding skills (which is actually part of the job description)! Yes, at times it seems like I’m drinking from a firehose, but I choose to persist (with or without "imposter syndrome"🙂).

I decided to move forward and "speed things up," so (for the time being), instead of finalizing the last bit of a CS degree, I put it on hold and immersed myself in code. In mid-2018 (attending full-time), I completed The University of Texas at Austin Full-Stack Web Development Program.

I gained familiarity and experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and primarily MERN-stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node) technologies. I'm currently reinforcing and expanding my knowledge by completing a Techdegree (in Front End Web Development) through Treehouse.

In my former career, in various channel management and business development roles, I spent years helping several "high-profile" clients solve problems with (SaaS) technology. I find it meaningful to create websites and apps that help clients connect with their customers, increase visibility, and provide a favorable user experience.

My first real experience with computers and software was in the early '80s when I took a BASIC course in high school.

Today, I am able to create and deploy responsive and immersive websites that are (hopefully) interesting, educational, and especially support a good cause. I'm constantly adding new projects to my portfolio (launching a new site soon). I eventually plan to give back to my community by helping others learn how to code.

In addition to tech, I have always been intrigued by the ocean. Growing up, I was always hungry to learn more about the ocean and marine life (especially cetaceans – whales and dolphins).

Eventually (and thankfully for me at the time) I became a Dolphin Trainer at SeaWorld. On that note, I thought it would be interesting to create “marine life” content for this site (and at the very least, provide vibrant photos and informative links and videos :)).

If you enjoy learning about the ocean, check out the videos below (both filmed in Maui). You can see "live" orcas or even humpback whales in the wild (in real-time if they are in view), by clicking here (then scroll down to "Live Cams”).

For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.”―Jacques-Yves Cousteau

As I mentioned earlier, thankfully, my "childhood dream job" became a reality and I enjoyed several years working as a Dolphin Trainer at SeaWorld.

I worked there during the late '80s (all pre-Blackfish ). Helping to educate and increase awareness about marine life was precisely why I wanted to work there (well, besides working with the dolphins and whales of course)! 

My views have since changed dramatically towards marine habitats and marine parks (especially captivity), marine conservation, and environmental protection.

Feel free to click on the seemingly endless list of informative links, photos, and videos throughout this "starter" (as in my first ever) WordPress website. I hope you learn something new!  🙂

Pacific Humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) demonstrating a "Pectoral slap"…
Nice view from the tube…
Humpback whale tail  "Flukes" (photo by Talbot).
Humpback Whale…
Going for a deep dive…
Kaanapali Beach HD Desktop Background
My favorite beach: Black Rock, Maui (Kā'anapali)

It's surreal to see and hear the Humpback whales end their 6-8 week journey from the feeding grounds of Alaska to the shallow breeding grounds of Maui (and other nearby islands). The first whale sightings usually occur in October; however, the best time (peak season is usually February) to see these whales is anytime from January 15th – March 31st. Official whale season is December 15th – May 15th.

To learn more about whale watching in Maui, click here: (This is one of my favorite websites 🐋🐳).

The Hawaiian Islands

Humpback with calf...
Humpback with calf…(photo borrowed from link above)
North Pacific Humpback Whale off the coast of Maui…Humpback tail (flukes)...

Feeding grounds in Alaska. Another awesome view of Humpback flukes before a dive…

I enjoy meeting people and learning where they come from. My ancestry is German, Dutch, and Swiss. I find ancestry interesting.

I'm an avid fan of the Germany soccer teamDie Mannschaft (which translates to "The team"). When the World Cup is not on (every four years), I enjoy rooting for my favorite team in the BundesligaBayern München (Munich, Bavaria).

Check out the travel videos below of Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. Thanks for visiting!

~Auf Wiedersehen


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